Saturday, 11 June 2011

Getting started... a few things to note before you begin

When it comes to prepping fools rush in and in the world of prepping there are a lot of fools. Fools like the ones who blow thousands on really expensive kit they will never use. Other fools who fall prey to the multitude of scams out there that are just ready to reel in the gullible idiot and sell them some snake oil in the shape of a few tones of outdated 'lifeboat rations' and a spork. Yet more fools not only rush in but they rush out again, with their 'lifeboat rations' and spork as all they have to show for it. You don't want this do you?

Yes, the world of prepping has produced a lot of fools.... so, before you begin your journey here are a few things to note:

The first is that prepping is not easy.

The second is that it's not hard either.

It's somewhere in the middle.

Nice huh?

But seriously it's not easy but it *is* doable. I'm going to prove via this blog that anyone can do it, even me, and they can do it without breaking the bank, mortgaging the house and spending the kids college fund. I don't have much cash floating around myself and damn it if I'm spending it all for you (I love you all really). I'm also, I promise, going to make it fun.

Anyway, where were we... ah yes, a few things to note. Well, it's not going to be easy as I say, it's also going to be fun but there are going to be some boring times too. There are also times where you are going to want to give up big time for whatever reason so be ready for that. And don't expect instant gratification, doesn't work that way people. You're going to have to sink some time into this new hobby, not a huge amount but time none the less.

You are also going to get some funny looks when you start storing two months of food under your bed and carry a bag of useful stuff around. Trust me, I get stares when I bring my First Aid Kit out and so will you ('what?! You have stuff so you can save someones life in your backpack?? How stupid!!'). Ignore it, people just can't understand your awesomeness.

That's not to say everyone will laugh, you'll make some friends too. I will be setting up some sort of club in the near future so all us 'weirdos' can get together and compare lifeboat rations and sporks. And we can, I don't know, go hiking? Camp? It'll be like your National Service all again but without goofy uniforms and leaky tents and food poisoning (I hope).

But yes, before you start you have to realize that this will take some commitment. You have to prepare your mind and body as well as your surroundings and it will not be easy. Think about that before you read any more of my stuff.

There really is a lot of prepping to do before you can prep isn't there?


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  1. "Trust me, I get stares when I bring my First Aid Kit out and so will you ('what?! You have stuff so you can save someones life in your backpack?? How stupid!!')"

    Actually, when I whipped my FAK out to patch up my hand the other day, the guy that came up was like "Wow! You got all sorts of good stuff in there, huh!"


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