Tuesday, 31 May 2011

About this blog... a general introduction

This blog is a diary of me Jack Cope documenting my travels into the world of prepping here in rainy Malaysia.

Prepping is, literally, the art of preparing and in the sense used in this blog it is preparing for disaster, giving yourself a fighting chance of surviving if the worst of the worst does come your way.

Once the domain of nutty 'survivalists', end of the world kooks and religious weirdos, prepping is now much more mainstream. In a world where people realize now more than ever that we live on the brink, that disaster can hit you or me any time, more and more people are taking an interest in this elusive 'art' and many fall by the wayside. I want to do my best to stop that.

But why read this blog? The web is full of blogs like mine, full of information and probably information of better quality. Why shouldn't you go off and read them? Fine, completely correct but my selling point is threefold.

First I am just like you; I am not some ex-marine, religious psycho the-world-is-going-to-end mountain man (no offense meant to normal mountain men) living his days in a hut in the forest, no; I am a relativity young, relativity inexperienced student living out his days in a biggish city with, like you, a limited budget and a life to live, exams to pass and bills to pay. I've also never done this before so we will learn together. And what's better is I'll make the mistakes and you laugh at me, rather than the other way around and someone laughing at you when you spend your savings on a dodgy set of 'survival' equipment. What's not to like?

Secondly, while I am not experienced I have plenty of people in my social network who are. I do have an ex-marine in my address book, I've also got doctors, engineers, hunters, farmers and so on; when something comes up that I know nothing about, they will step in and teach us both. You'll see a lot of guest writers on here writing about various topics and giving you the benefit of their experience. Some of you, my dear readers, are also no doubt experienced so please, share in the comments sections, send me emails badgering me about how wrong I am and correct me where I am wrong. This is really a team effort here.

Finally, unlike most other blogs or sites, I enforce a strict no-politics, no-religion, no-hate rules here. That means you just get what you need without the crap about how you must do it so that when the flying spaghetti monster returns he'll save you with his noodely goodness. This is not meant to exclude certain people, but rather include everyone. I want rabid right wingers to be talking to tree hugging liberals and sharing ideas, we learn that way. We don't learn if every second post is about how the world is going to end in 2012. Please note that I can't take credit for this idea myself, the credit rests solely with Zombie Squad, the website forum that got me started and that I will link to a lot. They explain the concept perfectly here.

I think that is enough of an introduction and gives you the bare bones of what's going on around here. So, if you want more info, hop on over to the FAQ where I will explain all those little bits that you are dieing to know in more detail.


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